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This guide is for employees who have received cleaning as a benefit from your employer. If your company sent you credit, this guide is for you!

How TIDY Credit Works

  • Employers add "TIDY Credit" to your account in a schedule set up by employers. In almost all cases for recurring campaigns it is done on the 1st of the month.
  • TIDY Credit can be used to pay for cleanings, with any cleaner. Since they get paid by direct deposit, it's rare to see someone refuse it.
  • If you do not have an existing cleaner, you can find one in our network. Pricing for your area will show in your app. There are more details listed here in our documentation.๏ปฟ

Credit Card Required But May Not Be Charged

Note that a credit card is required to book in case you use more than the credit on your account. However, credit from your employer always applies first to a job before any jobs. So you will not be charged to your card if you book cleanings less than or equal to what is on your account.

How To Access Your TIDY Account

When an employer adds you to their account, they use an email address for you. If you do not have an account under that email, then we take the following steps:

  • We create an account under the email address provided by your company.
  • You can create a password for that account by tapping here: https://app.tidy.com/#/reset-password๏ปฟ
  • This will send a "reset password" email to your inbox. You can use that to create a password, access your account, and start using your credits.

How to Send Payments to Your Cleaner

Paying any cleaner you work with is easy! Any cleaner can get paid with TIDY. From your pro's perspective, it will get deposited directly into their bank account, less standard payment processing fees (probably the same as the pro's credit card processor). To pay any pro:

  1. Go to the "My Pros" section.
  2. Select your address.
  3. Add them as a pro.
  4. Tap "Send Payment"
  5. Enter the amount and any other information required.
  6. That is it! They will get a message that asks them where they want the money. They type it in and it gets sent!

Here are some screenshots of how this looks to them:

How to Add Your Pro to Your Account
How to Add Your Pro to Your Account
How To Send Payment
How To Send Payment
Pick a Payment Amount
Pick a Payment Amount

Once they are sent the funds, they can cash it out by check, credit card, or direct deposit. If you (or your pro) ever have any questions on the process, just message us at concierge@tidy.com.

How To Describe TIDY to Your Pro

If you are using TIDY with a vendor found or already work with, it is easy, but it can be a confusing to pros not used to it. We found it is easiest to keep things simple, and describe it in the following way:

  1. My employer pays for my cleanings.
  2. So you must be able to accept payments by direct deposit.
  3. It works similarly to Venmo or Paypal.

Then, we recommend using the "Send Payment" feature to just send them the payment. Pros typically find the process of getting the payment easy, so its best to just send it.

Pros can get paid out in a variety of ways:

  • The pro can get paid by direct deposit, straight to their bank account. This is most common, as it is the fastest and cheapest.
  • The pro can get paid by check, mailed to them.
  • The pro can get paid by a special credit card that uses your credit.
  • The pro can be paid by you (the employee) directly and then you can be reimbursed by TIDY by check. This can be disabled by your employer, who may not want to support it.

In all cases, we will handle not only the payments themselves but also the required reporting around those payments, including issuing 1099s and completing any KYC requirements. While we try to be flexible, we are unable to support pros who are unable or unwilling to complete legal requirements.

If you need help, including having our concierge reach out to the pro on your behalf, contact us at concierge@tidy.com.


Your employer cannot see anything on your account, except for the name of your account, the email of your account, and the amount of credit you have used that they sent you.

How to Get Support

You can contact the TIDY concierge anytime at concierge@tidy.com or in the "Concierge" tab inside your account.


Updated 13 Jul 2022
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