Job Reviews or Feedback

Job Feedback and Ratings

After each job is over, you can log into your account and leave feedback on the most recent job. Just log in at and press either Needs Work or Loved It.

You will also receive an email after each job is completed that you can use to leave feedback. 

We appreciate all the feedback we receive. We use that feedback to update your preferences so each job is better than the one before. 

You Aren’t Satisfied with a Job

There are various things you can do if you are not satisfied with a job:

  • Ask the Pro to make it right.
  • Negotiate a change to the job.
  • Leave them a negative review.
  • Block that Pro so they can’t accept your jobs.
  • Open a dispute against that person.

Taking Advantage of a Satisfaction Guarantee

If our Satisfaction Guarantee covers your job, all you need to do is leave a negative review, and you should automatically get that coverage within 2 hours of leaving the review. If the issue is reported as a safety violation, that may take more time to resolve. If you believe you should have gotten credit towards a future appointment but did not under the Satisfaction Guarantee, please don't hesitate in getting in contact with the TIDY Concierge.

How Disputes Work

If you ultimately decide that any other resolution is not enough, you do have the option of opening up a dispute against the pro for a job. For example, if you believe they showed up but did not clean for a booked home cleaning, you can dispute it using TIDY's dispute resolution process.

TIDY's dispute resolution process is typically much faster than other legal remedies. It is free to use, and resolutions are targeted to be done within 1 week of initiating the dispute. This is much faster than the 90 days typically required from credit card disputes and small claims court.

Most resolutions are resolved based on your history. The better your history with TIDY is, the more likely you are to win. The better the history of the pro is, the more likely they are to win.