Job Reviews or Feedback

Job Feedback and Ratings

After each job is over, you can log into your account and leave feedback on the most recent job. Just log in at tidy.com and press either Needs Work or Loved It.

You will also receive an email after each job is completed that you can use to leave feedback. 

While most pros (obviously) prefer positive reviews, many still like to hear constructive feedback whenever possible.

You Aren’t Satisfied with a Job

There are various things you can do if you are not satisfied with a job:

  • Ask the Pro to make it right.
  • Negotiate a change to the job.
  • Leave them a negative review.
  • Block that Pro so they can’t accept your jobs.
  • Open a dispute against that person.

To learn more about options if you are very unsatisfied, see Satisfaction Guarantee, Disputes, & Protection

Updated 04 Jan 2022
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