Resolving Pro Cancellations

Pros are human and occasionally have to cancel jobs. We offer many tools to help you reduce the impact of these cancellations. These include:

  • Setting backup times where substitutes can come.
  • The ability to add unlimited vendors to improve reliability.
  • The ability to predict issues in advance using machine learning.
  • The ability to place Pros on standby, or use pooled standbys with other clients, to improve reliability.

Request a Substitute

If a Pro canceled on you you can request a substitute. This means that TIDY will send a request to each available Pro, asking them if they can clean in the times you selected.  If they accept, you will be booked with that Pro for a Job.

How is a Last Minute Substitution Request different from a regular Job?

Normal appointments or jobs are confirmed bookings with a Pro.  They have confirmed that they are available at that time, and you are solely booked with them.  The only way those appointments will not happen is if you or the Pro cancel.  Substitute Requests are requests for a Pro to complete a Job in the times you specify.

What does the process look like?

1. You specify which times you are available for a Substitution (you can select as many as you like), as well as any other preferences.

2. Pros who match your criteria are notified of your needs.

3. As soon as a Pro confirms they are available they are automatically scheduled, and you are sent a confirmation text.

4. If no Pros are able to accept the request, we will let you know before your last available booking time.  (e.g. If you would like a substitution between 11 am and 5 pm, we will let you know by about 4:30 if nobody can accept the appointment).

If Only 1 Person Can Make it to a 2 Pro Job

At TIDY, we do have the ability to book 2 different Pros for a job at the same time.  This is a great tool to improve the reliability of the job, making sure at least 1 person arrives, so it is a great fit for special events or time-sensitive things like rental turnovers.

Sometimes, one of those Pros will not be able to make it.  If that is the case, you will not be billed for that 1 person.

As you are booking with 2 separate Pros, if one cancels their job with you, we don't have the ability to cancel the other person's job at no fee.  In other words, some people want the ability to have a "2 person or no job" option. To book this, you would need to contact your vendor in advance and make sure you set up the terms in the way you want, and you would want to likely use a single vendor for this (a single vendor providing 2 people).

Updated 15 Feb 2022
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