My Pros

"Pros" are the people in TIDY who do jobs. You can manage your pros in the "My Pros" section of your app or online:

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Adding a Pro

If you use TIDY to book jobs for addresses, whenever a pro completes a job, they are added to the "My Pros" list for that address.

You can also manually add pros to a list by tapping "Add Pro" from the "My Pros" section. Once there, you can:

  • Select a pro either from another address in your account or enter their contact information to add them to your team.
  • Add the contact information for the pro you would like to add to your account. When they are added, you can immediately start inviting them to jobs. There is no need for them to do anything, just start sending them jobs and they can accept them digitally.

Each address has its own list of pros, but you can add the same pro to many addresses. This gives you the power to control exactly who can show up to your addresses, and in what priority order.

Pros you Add

When you add a pro, you can book and manage them just like any other pro in the system. If TIDY did not find you this pro to begin with, then TIDY takes no fees for doing this. When you send a job request out, they get an alert with the information about the job, and the pro can accept your job digitally. It's similar to you picking up the phone and calling them and getting them on your schedule, only way easier for everyone (and free).

Requesting a Pro that is not on the List

If you are already familiar with a TIDY Pro but hasn't been matched with them yet, (you don't have them on your Pro List) you can just send us a message with their information to our Concierge Team and we will add them to your list. Now, whenever you book a job, you have the opportunity to choose the added Pro.

Prioritizing Pros

Once a Pro is in your account, they will show up in the "My Pros" section. This section shows your priority list, and you can change the order anytime to get you the pro you want.

Inside that priority list, you will always see 4 things:

  • Favorites - Add someone to your favorites to have TIDY send your job requests to them first, in order. So if Kim is listed higher than Juliana, then Kim would be the first one prioritized for the job. If they were available, Kim would get the job. If she wasn't available, Kim would get a message to accept the request first. We recommend favoriting someone if you are willing to decrease the chance slightly of getting someone to accept a job in order to get a specific person first.
  • Approved - This section is for anyone who you have approved to come to your property. When a job request goes out to this group, if any pro is available they will immediately be booked. If multiple people are available, it will go to the person you last had. If nobody is available, the request will go to everyone at the same time, and the first to accept will get the job.
  • TIDY Find New Pro - This "card" shows when TIDY will work to find you the best pro available in accordance with your preferences. So if you see this listed in the approved section, that means
  • Blocked - These people will not get your job requests, and cannot see anything you request on your account. Use this for anyone you don't ever want again.

Favorites Priority: we'll first ask Kim M. if she would like to accept the request then, Juliana and Candelaria.
Favorites Priority: we'll first ask Kim M. if she would like to accept the request then, Juliana and Candelaria.

Same Pro Each Time

By default, you will get the same pro each time unless they or you make a change. You can of course always change this if you like.

TIDY Find New Pro Settings

You can control your preferences for the way TIDY will help you find a new pro. You have 3 options.

  • Best Available (recommended) - This means TIDY will help find the best available person for your preferences.
  • Limit New Pros. (Formerly we called this option "Limit Substitutes") - This means TIDY will not help find a new pro if any of your past pros are available. For example, if you have Maria helping you, and she takes a week off. With this setting, you would not get a new pro. But if Maria left permanently (to another location for example), then you would get a new pro.
  • Disable TIDY Find New Pro - This option is available if you have added a private pro, and it means that TIDY will not find you a new pro.
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Using TIDY with Only Your Existing Pros

Some people want to use TIDY only with their existing pros, the ones that are already on their list. If that is what you want, make sure you disable the "Find New Pro" option.

Gender Restrictions

You can also set Gender Preferences for TIDY Find New Pro, if you would only like one gender, such as only female or only male.

We recognize there are some cases where gender restrictions may be important or legally required. We do not recommend enabling gender restrictions unless you are confident your national, state or local government allows it. Restricting the gender also typically reduces the quality and reliability of jobs, as you may not be able to get the best person for the job. Use this at your own liability.

We do offer you control over your account to select one of the following Gender Preferences:

  • Best Available Pro
  • Only Females
  • Only Males

To update the settings, go to the "TIDY Find New Pro Settings" in the "My Pros" section. After you update this setting, we strongly recommend rescheduling your job and plan to make sure everything is "reset" the way you want.

Note: You cannot change your Gender Preferences within 24 hours of an appointment. You need to first cancel that appointment.

Contacting Your Pros (Phone/Text)

In general, there are many things to communicate, and most can be handled directly in the app or online.  For example:

  • To tell them how to get in, we recommend using the Home access instructions.
  • To provide some help with parking, use the parking instructions.
  • To reschedule, use the scheduling part of the app. 
  • To tell them what to do, use To-Dos.

This improves clarity and automatically handles things in odd cases (for example, if a substitute is needed then they have the information needed to be efficient).

However, you can also contact them by text or call by tapping the Call and Text buttons in your app.  This option is available 30 minutes prior to the start time of any job until the end of the job.  They will also text message you when they are on the way, arrived, and other updates. You can call or text them back on that number.

Please note that all calls and texts made via the TIDY Platform, such as those between yourself and Pros, are recorded for quality and safety purposes.