Compliance Requirements

TIDY will comply with any and all regulations it is subject to, as determined by TIDY. We do have a set of compliance requirements for pro users of the software, listed below.

For Users Not Using Payment Processing

Your only requirement is to sign our terms and conditions, and comply with the terms therein. For example, you need to be 18 years old and represent and warrant that you are a bona-fide service provider.

For Users Using Payment Processing

Using payment processing with clients does have additional requirements that you are subject to. These include the following steps:

  • Sign Service Provider Customer Agreement. This is done at sign up.
  • Prior to using payment processing, you must sign an additional acknowledgement that you read the agreement.
  • To set up payment processing, you must sign up with a 3rd party Stripe, and agree to their terms.
  • Stripe will complete "Know Your Customer" (KYC) requirements, verify your tax id, verify some proof of your business. Typically, this is a link to a public website that shows your business. They require some information right away, but may give you some time to collect information and comply.
  • Before $600 in payments is sent via TIDY, you need to have logged a private job completed for one of your clients as complete. If you have not done this, you will get alerts to do this. Alternate proofs that you are in business can be accepted by an account manager, so long as they clearly prove you are in business with Clients not through TIDY.
  • If you do business in California, Washington, Massachusetts, Maine, Oregon, you have the following additional requirement: Before $600 in payments is sent via TIDY, you must assign an employee or subcontractor to a job.

Failing to comply in a timely fashion to any step of the requirements could result in the termination of your account in accordance with the Service Provider Customer Agreement.

Updated 13 Mar 2022
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