Setting Your Rates / Prices

TIDY is designed to support whatever billing system you like, while trying to give you market feedback about how to optimize your rates and earnings. The best thing to do in most cases is get fantastic ratings and history first, then optimize your settings.

You can set your rates however you like. The default rates are set to the median settings for Pros of your service type in your area. Most pros like to keep it there at the start, then after building up a quality score, gradually increasing their rates and see the impact. However, we also recommend setting your rates to what you think makes sense for your business. Just note that just because your rates are high, doesn't mean clients will accept them ;)

Note: that anytime you change a setting, rate, or fee it:

  1. Does not impact any existing agreements with a client.
  2. Means that you will no longer be able to accept clients that don’t accept your updated setting. For example: if you change your cancellation policy to have no fees, clients who require fees you could not book. This is the same on the client’s end. If they were to (for example) ask for a $1,000 cancellation penalty, you would probably not accept.

So the key for most Pros is to understand their rates and their market well before making changes.

Setting Rates / Prices

You can edit your pay rate anytime in the "Services" section of your app.

Changing your rates up or down can affect your earnings, as you can get more or less cleanings depending on your quality score and your base rate.  Clients typically choose pros with the best quality score for their budget.

Can I change rates on my current clients?

Yes, but you typically still have to follow any contractual arrangements. For example, if you had a term specified with a client, you would typically need to follow that term.

Updated 16 Feb 2022
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