To-Do Lists

TIDY offers amazing digital to-do lists that allow you to show a Pro exactly what you want done or how you want it done. It is very fast to start using To-Dos, but they are powerful enough to let you go into great detail.

At a high level, here is how it works.

  1. You set up the rooms in your house.
  2. You start with what is most popular for similar houses.
  3. You customize each list the way you want.

Turning Off To-Dos

First, we will note that it is no problem if you don't want to use to-dos. In fact, this is what we recommend if for any reason you don't like them. Here is where to do that:

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We recommend first making sure you have the right rooms in your house before editing any To-Dos. If the rooms are wrong, it can confuse your Pros.

Adding/Editing Rooms

You can add rooms by tapping the "+" button.

Room Photos

Room photos are good to show what a room looks like or other information that isn't related to some specific To-Do (you can add Photo Notes on a To-Do, which is better for that).

Mark Rooms as "Do Not"

In the room settings, you can also indicate that you "Do Not" want someone to clean or do anything in a room. For example, if you have an office that you never want someone to go into, its best to add the room, but label it as "Do Not" and add a photo of the door so they know what to avoid.


To-dos are organized into lists. You can have many To-do lists per address, and you can change on each job which list to do. Or have it default to one list each time.

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Adding Lists

Tap the dropdown at the top of the "To-Dos" section and you should see an option to "Add List".

Editing Lists

Tap the "Settings" icon at the top of the "To-Dos" section to edit your lists. You can rename a list, enable or disable before & after photos, or set your list to the default for a given address.

You can also delete a list from this page.

Updated 08 Apr 2021
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